The stories provide accounts of some of the soil research trips carried out by New Zealand soil scientists in the Antarctic, along with background information on the people involved, the science they carried out, and the challenges they faced.

The stories can be accessed at the bottom of the home page or from the Stories page.

Each story contains one or more chapters consisting of a series of cards, an example is given below (Fig. 1). The map will show locations of interest, usually relating to the content of the story or images shown on the cards.

Fig. 1. Example story card (desktop / large screen).

1. Story card which usually contains text, an image, often relating to the content of the story.

2. Move forward one card. Alternatively, you can use the mousewheel, down arrow on your keyboard or swipe up (if using a touch device). 

3. Jump to chapter.

4. Move back one card. Alternatively you can use the mousewheel, up arrow on your keyboard or swipe down (if using a touch device).

5. Restart story.

6. Opens help popup.

7. Close this story and return to main story menu.

8. Overview map showing a smaller scale map of the area, which will become visible when the map is zoomed in.

9. Marker / point of interest, often the location of the photo on the card.

10i. "More information" button - clicking this will open a popup which has some additional information about the location, or something related to the story.

10ii. The "More information" popup.

11. Current position in the story (card number / total number of cards).

12. Expand image to full-size.


Mobile and tablet

If you are viewing this site on mobile or a smaller device like a tablet, the story cards look slightly different (Fig. 2), and the controls are located horizontally across the top. In addition, there is a "Show map" button, which moves the story card to one side so you can view the map. Pressing this button again will bring the story card back into view.

Fig. 2. Example story card (mobile / small screen).

Now you know what to expect, please enjoy these stories by going here.