Site Information

Site number:
Date recorded:
Reason Sampled:
Soil weathering examination
On the south side of the Hatherton Glacier in the Britannia Range; a slight hollow in a saddle on the ridge to the northeast of Derrick Peak
1800 m
4 °
Location Data
Observer IBC GGC
Latitude Longitude DMS 80° 4.5' S 156° 21' E 80° 4.5' S 156° 21' E
Latitude Longitude DD -80.075 156.350 -80.075 156.350
Latitude longitude precision DD 0.004 0.008 0.004 0.008
Locality Hatherton Glacier, Britannia Range, Transantarctic Mountains
Survey United States Geological Survey 1966; 1:250,000 Mount Olympus, Antarctica


Soil climate zone:
Inland Mountain
Estimated mean annual temperature:
-35 °C
Frozen ground depth:
75 > cm
Frozen type:
Dry frozen
Frozen comment:


Geological setting:
Ferrar Dolerite caps the ridges and forms a prominent escarpment marking the edge of the Polar Plateau; a former more extensive Polar Ice Sheet would have extended in icefalls over the escarpment; the surfaces and the soils around the edge of the escarpment at Derrick Peak provide an indication of when the Polar Ice Sheet last extended across the escarpment and into the valleys of the Hatherton Glacier; till at this site includes some sandstone
Patterned ground:
Very weakly developed
Surface weathering or surface features:
Coarse grained dolerite boulders well rounded and upstanding to 40cm; some cavernously weathered; staining is strong with active surface and weathering rhind exfoliation; fine grained rocks strongly stained and pitted; sandstone clasts stained and case hardened; some moderately developed ventiforms; salts beneath a few surface stones; a strongly developed pavement


Soil parent material:
Stony till predominantly from dolerite but with some sandstone
Previous disturbance:
Soil weathering stage:
6 4/5 (Campbell & Claridge 1975)
Soil moisture status:
Extensive snow cover but no thaw observed or soil moistening
Biological activity:
Nil observed
Profile Description
448a -2 – 0 cm surface small cobbles, pebbles and granular sand; rock particles strongly stained and many pitted; some particles with red (2.5Y 4/8) amorphous intergranular fillings; salts beneath stones,
448b 0 – 8 cm brown (7.5YR 5/4) sandy granular gravel; loose; rock particles subangular, moderately stained and moderately altered; sharp boundary,
448c 8 – 15 cm strong brown (7.5YR 5/6) sandy gravel; firmly cohesive; abundant diffuse salts forming a continuous horizon; larger rock particles angular and unstained but partly crumbly; smaller particles subangular, moderately stained and partly altered; indistinct boundary,
448d 15 – 30 cm strong brown (7.5YR 5/6) sandy cobbly to bouldery gravel; moderately to strongly cohesive; scattered salt flecks; larger rock particles angular and unstained; smaller particles subangular to subrounded, weakly stained and weakly altered; indistinct boundary,
448e 30 – 62 cm strong brown (7.5YR 5/6) sandy bouldery gravel; loose to weakly cohesive; salt precipitations on a few rock faces; larger rock particles angular to subangular and unstained but smaller particles subrounded; indistinct boundary,
448f 62 – 75 cm strong brown (7.5YR 5/8) bouldery sandy gravel; loose; pulverulent

Sample Data

Physical Data
Sample nameDepth descriptionTop (cm)Base (cm)Bulk DensityDry Bulk DensityGravimetric MoistureVol. Moisture (BD=2)
448a 2-0cm -2.0 0.0 No
448b 0-8cm 0.0 8.0 No
448c 8-15cm 8.0 15.0 No
448d 15-30cm 15.0 30.0 No
448e 30-62cm 30.0 62.0 No
448f 62-75cm 62.0 75.0 No
Particle size distribution
Sample name< 2 mm2 - 0.5 mm0.5 - 0.25 mm0.25 - 0.1 mm0.1 - 0.05 mm0.05 - 0.02 mm0.02 - 0.002 mm< 0.002 mmFe2O3CaCO3Notes
Clay Mineralogy
448a :
448b :
448c :
448d :
448e :
448f :
National Soil Archive Samples
Sample nameNSA Sample IdContainer typeFraction type
448a M22/2813 medium coarse
448a M22/2814 White lid small fine
448a M22/7675 Glass vial metal lid
448b M22/2815 White lid small coarse
448b M22/2816 medium fine
448b M22/7676 Glass vial metal lid
448c M22/2817 medium coarse
448c M22/2818 White lid small fine
448c M22/7677 Glass vial metal lid
448d M22/2819 medium coarse
448d M22/2820 medium fine
448d M22/7678 Glass vial metal lid
448e M22/2821 White lid small coarse
448e M22/2822 medium fine
448e M22/7679 Glass vial metal lid
448f M22/2823 medium coarse
448f M22/2824 White lid small fine
448f M22/7680 Glass vial metal lid


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